Participate in the Lolympics, train, and become the best! Prove it by winning the most gold trophies in all events!

Giant Stadium

A giant stadium for players of all levels, where speed and precision will be your main skills. 

12 Mini-games

Players will chain together different and varied mini-games as quickly as possible if they want to be competitive.

Prehistoric decors

An environment with dinosaurs, prehistoric men and animals and Jurassic plants.

NFT Collection

Style and cuteness, or Power and Speed, the opportunity to affirm your membership to the Lolympics community.

NFT Collection

Backpack Triceratops Boy - Available on The Sandbox Marketplace
Golden Shield - Available on The Sandbox Marketplace
Backpack Lolympics - Available on The Sandbox Marketplace

Spectacular places

Lolympics objects

Giant stade
original mini-games
1 +
Unique Assets

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