Experiences creator for The Sandbox

Game Jam winner and Official Sandbox VoxEdit contest Awardee

Working in collaboration with The Sandbox on the Voxel creation and on several maps and games realizations, we know perfectly the creation process, the standards, and the workflow of the Sandbox universe projects.

Our Skills

Game Design

Our creativity and our passion allow us to realize different games taken from the real, the imaginary, to create sports races or mini-games, and with our professionalism we develop optimized and bug-free experiences

Map Architecture

We can create giant structures following an architectural plan or imagine an entire map, these maps will be spectacular while optimizing space and performance

Voxel Creation

We can create any type of voxel, of any size, in any universe, while adhering precisely to The Sandbox guidelines, thanks to our experience with the Creator Fund and the Game maker Fund

Our Projects

Landtasy - Game Maker Fund
Lolympics - Game Maker Fund
Game Maker Contests

Voxel Art

Landtasy NFT - The Sandbox Marketplace
Lolympics NFT - The Sandbox Marketplace
Voxel Art Portfolio

Why Choose Us?

Used to work in collaboration with The Sandbox, we perfectly respect the graphic obligations and the performance optimization.

We have made many Game Jams so we know how to work well and on time

Our work has been appreciated and rewarded: We are Game Jam winner and Official Sandbox VoxEdit contest Awardee

If the sample presented here  is not enough for you, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to see examples in specific areas. You can also find our assets directly on The Sandbox Marketplace

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